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We work a lot with many lawyers around Kansas and Missouri.  In Kansas City, there are a lot of really good lawyers that know their specialized areas of the law.  So, we felt that we should show you some of them in this newest post, so that you can be assured that you are getting the best representation in town.

Probate Attorneys in Leawood

One of our favorite lawyers in town is Gary Eastman of the Eastman Law Firm.  We’ve worked with Gary for years and know that he really knows his stuff.  For several years, he stopped taking new referrals and only worked on large clients.  Lately, he has opened up his practice to smaller estate planning clients, which is allowing more of our clients to use his services.

They do both estate planning work, like Wills, Trusts and other types of estate planning law.  We also use them for all of our probate law needs, when we have a client that needs those type of services.

The Eastman Law Firm

4901 W. 136th Street, Ste. 240

Leawood, KS 662242

(913) 908-9113

Kansas City Business Attorneys

There are a lot of businesses in the Kansas and Missouri areas, especially start up businesses.  It’s hard to think of the middle of the country as a good start up hub, but that’s what it is.  So, when you need a good law firm to help you out with your business, go to the guys at the Business Law Group.  It’s comprised of a bunch of former big law firm attorneys and they really know their stuff.  What’s really good is that they aren’t very expensive when compared with the big law firms.  Small firm rates with big firm counsel – how can you beat that?

Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyers

Personal injury law can often be a difficult thing for many people to get their heads around.  So, instead of trying to look somebody up through the yellow pages (do those even exist any more?) go to the guys at KC Truck Accident Law.  They specialize in collisions involving commercial trucks.  Given the complexity that can arise with those types of accident (think lots of damages), the lawyers need to know more than the usual basics of personal injury accident law.


Finding the right attorney for your matter can be tricky.  One of the things that you should do is to make sure to look around and find the attorney that best meets your needs and is one that you can get along well with.  Remember, it is a long term relationship that you are building with your counsel and you should be willing to find the attorney that best meets your particular needs and personality.

Who of the following may require the contractor to obtain a Performance and Payment Bond?

To protect themselves, those who hire contractors may require the contractor to obtain a performance and payment bond. This will protect the hiring party in case the contractor does not complete the project or fails to pay for the work that has been done. There are many different types of bonds, and each one serves a different purpose. In this blog post, we will discuss the performance and payment bond and who may require it.

Who of the following may require the contractor to obtain a Performance and Payment Bond? A contractor is talking about their plan at the construction site.

What is a performance bond?

A performance bond is a type of surety bond that is typically used in construction projects. This type of bond provides financial protection for the project owner if the contractor fails to complete the work as specified in the contract. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that the project is completed as agreed upon, and to protect the owner from financial loss if the contractor does not fulfill their obligations.

What is a payment bond?

A payment bond is a type of surety bond that protects the project owner from non-payment by the contractor. It ensures that the contractor will pay all subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers for work performed on the project.

How do performance and payment bonds work together?

Both performance and payment bonds are typically required by the project owner, and they work together to provide financial protection against contractor default. If the contractor fails to complete the work or fails to pay for work completed, the project owner can make a claim on the bond and receive compensation for losses.

Tell me the difference between performance and payment bonds.

A performance bond is a type of surety bond that is used to protect the obligee against financial loss if the contractor fails to complete the project as specified in the contract. A payment bond, on the other hand, is a type of surety bond that protects the contractors and subcontractors working on a project from non-payment by the owner. In other words, the performance bond protects the owner from the contractor’s poor performance, while the payment bond protects the contractor from the owner’s inability to pay.

Who of the following may require the contractor to obtain a performance and payment bond?

1. The owner of the project

2. The general contractor

3. The subcontractor

4. The materials supplier

5. The architect or engineer

In some cases, all of the above may require the contractor to obtain a performance and payment bond. This will depend on the specific project requirements. Generally, the owner of the project will require a bond in order to protect their investment. The general contractor may also require bonds from their subcontractors to protect themselves from financial liability. The materials supplier may require a bond to ensure that they are paid for their supplies. The architect or engineer may require a bond to protect themselves from professional liability.

How does filing a bond claim help contractors get paid?

There are a few different ways that filing a bond claim can help contractors get paid. First, if the surety company denies the claim, the contractor can use the claim as leverage to negotiate for a better settlement. Second, if the surety company approves the claim, the contractor will receive a payment from the surety company that can be used to cover the cost of the project. Finally, if the surety company denies the claim, the contractor can file a lawsuit against the surety company to recover damages.

Payment bonds on private construction projects

When working on a private construction project, it is important to be aware of the possibility that you may need a payment bond. A payment bond is a surety bond that is typically required by the contracting owner to guarantee that all subcontractors and material suppliers will be paid for their work and materials supplied for the project.

How much do performance and payment bonds cost?

There is no set cost for performance and payment bonds, as the price will vary depending on the specific project and the amount of coverage required. However, as a general rule of thumb, performance bonds typically cost between 1% and 3% of the total project value, while payment bonds usually cost between 0.5% and 1% of the total project value. Therefore, for a project with a value of $100,000, the total cost of performance and payment bonds could range from $1,000 to $4,000.

Can I apply for a performance bond or payment bond with bad credit?

The answer is yes, you can apply for a performance bond or payment bond with bad credit. However, the process may be more difficult than if you had good credit. You may have to provide additional information about your finances and explain why you believe you will be able to meet the obligations of the bond. The surety company may also require a higher premium to offset the increased risk. Ultimately, whether or not you are approved for a bond will depend on the specific surety company and its underwriting criteria.

Why was my cash bond released to a surety?

If you have ever been arrested and had to post bond, you may have wondered why your cash bond was released to a surety. What is a surety, anyway? In this blog post, we will discuss what a surety is and why your cash bond may have been released to them. Keep reading to learn more!

Surety Bond - A surety agent is talking to business couple about their bond's need on a white table.

What is a cash bond and how does it work?

A cash bond is a type of bail bond that requires the full amount of bail to be paid for the defendant to be released from jail. Cash bonds are typically only used in cases where the defendant is considered to be a flight risk or a danger to the community.

If you are unable to pay the full amount of the bail, you may be able to work with a bail bond company. Bail bond companies typically charge a non-refundable fee (usually around ten percent of the total bail amount) to post a bond on your behalf.

Common questions about cash bond procedures

A lot of people have questions about cash bonds and how they work. Here are some of the most common questions:

-How do I know how much my bail is?

-Can I post bail for someone else?

-What happens if I don’t have enough money to post bail?

-What happens if I miss my court date?

If you are arrested, the first thing that will happen is that you will be “booked.” The booking process includes taking your mugshot, fingerprints, and other information. After you are booked, the judge will set your bail amount.

Surety Bond vs. Cash Bond: What’s the difference?

When it comes to posting bail, there are two main options: surety bonds and cash bonds. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Surety bonds are posted by a bail bond company on behalf of the defendant. The company essentially acts as a cosigner, promising to pay the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. In exchange for this service, the company charges a non-refundable fee (usually around ten percent of the total bail amount).

Cash bonds, on the other hand, are paid directly to the court by the defendant or a loved one. The full bail amount is returned once the case has been resolved, provided the defendant appears for all scheduled court appearances. If the defendant fails to show up, the bail is forfeited and will not be returned.

How do BAIL BONDS work?

Bail bonds are a type of surety bond that is posted by a bail bond agent on behalf of a defendant to secure their release from jail. The bail bond agent typically charges a non-refundable fee (usually around ten percent of the total bail amount) to post the bond.

What is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is a financial guarantee from a surety company. The surety company agrees to pay the obligee if the principal fails to perform the work specified in the contract. The surety bond protects the obligee from financial loss if the contractor defaults on the contract.

What is the purpose of a surety bond?

Surety bonds are an important part of the business world, and they play a vital role in protecting businesses and government entities from financial loss. If you are thinking about starting a business, or if you are already in business, make sure you understand the purpose of surety bonds and how they can protect your interests.

What does it mean to post a surety bond?

When posting a surety bond, the person or company posting the bond (the principal) is agreeing to be responsible for any losses incurred by the obligee up to the amount of the bond. The principal must have the financial ability to pay any claims that may arise.

Surety Bond vs. Cash Bond: What’s the difference?

When it comes to bail, there are two main types of bonds: surety and cash. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Here’s a quick rundown:

Surety bonds and cash bonds are two different ways of providing collateral for bail. A surety bond is when a bail agent posts the entire bail amount on your behalf. Cash bonds are when you or a loved one pays the court the full bail amount in cash.

There are pros and cons to each type of bond. With a surety bond, you don’t have to come up with the full bail amount. However, you will be responsible for paying the bail agent a non-refundable fee.

Why This Is Important Most Bond Brokers Simply

Why This Is Important

Most bond brokers simply advertise bonds, we develop them. Beneath the Miller Act, which is still the common currently, all bidders are required to send proposal bonds on any kind of government endeavor. Lots of personal corporations have actually copied this pattern to shield themselves from hazard throughout the bid process. Getting surety bond is extremely crucial if you would certainly like your company to end up being competitive in the construction market In some areas, a guaranty bond is required so you can obtain licenses and licenses. Most significantly, almost all job owners and building contractors would certainly require a bond from you earlier than you may bid on their initiatives.

The quote bond supplied some guarantee that the offer would finally undergo as deliberate on by the all new monitoring crew.

A Detailed Analysis

The captioned quote was drifted as an once supply on which the closing as well as opening date was calculated to be on October 28, 2014. Throughout bidding process, differed contractors estimate what the task will value to complete. They send this value to the owner within the type of a quote. The most affordable bidder might be awarded a contract for the work. If this bidder recognizes they made a mistake with their bid, or rejects to sign the contract for any type of objective, the bonding company will see to it the proprietor experiences no economic loss. This generally implies that the bonding company pays the proprietor the distinction in between the most affordable and following cheapest bids. Normally, the bonding company can take legal action against the professional to recover these prices. The possibility for legal actions relies on the phrases of the bond.

A proposal security guarantee is commonly acceptable in one of lots of following formats: (i) unconditional financial institution guarantee, (ii) irrevocable letter of credit score, (iii) licensed examination, or (iv) bond.

I truly delighted in reading your post. Might I please understand if it is right to disqulify prospective buyers if the proposal protection kind remains in various layout to that used in the tender doc or it’s doing not have nevertheless the prospective buyer is prepared to submit the identical.

What Are Bid Bonds And How Do They Work?

The here and now well worth of your zero-coupon local bond, remembering interest that has actually been collecting as well as robotically reinvested in the bond. Making an attempt to get a neighborhood Surety Bond was like driving a car on three tires. I looked Surety Bonds as well as situated this service. I obtained online and packed out the details and also with in 30 mins obtained a response from Melissa. She was interesting, friendly and valuable. Another incredible delighted consumer.

I do recognize there’s a great deal concerned with Authorities work; raised salaries, licensed payroll, etc. I’ve proficient the troubles as a below service provider so no less than I’ve a little of experience with it. I’ve never GC ‘d a task such as this though and now I need both proposal bonds and performance bonds.

When Referring To a Refundable Bid Bond

A lot of bond agents merely advertise bonds, we produce them. This is likewise why the competitors is so intense for local business tasks that either do not require bonding or are little sufficient for contractors to put up money bonds. Most brand-new GC’s are formed by PM’s and also supers that have actually labored for various bondable GC’s. The guaranty companies recognize these individuals will certainly deliver.

An In Depth Study Of The Importance

An In Depth Study Of the Importance of a Bid Bond

There’s financial threat related to any kind of business endeavor. On the other hand, specialists furthermore gain from working with sureties which are accountable and experienced. The guaranty’s examine and approval of your business is additionally a sort of warranty for your self and also the quality of your online organisation.

The performance warranty can additionally be a financial guarantee that is either put ahead by the service provider earlier than the contract is authorized, or is maintained from progress funds to the contractor up to a specified amount which is generally regarding 10% of the agreement value.

An Overview

An important regularity bond underwriting consideration is the existence as well as routine of inner controls”. A quote bond warranties that the obligee” will likely be paid the distinction in between the principal’s tender value and also the succeeding closest tender value. This activity is just set off ought to the major be awarded the agreement yet stops working to participate in the agreement, as agreed, with the obligee. The quote bond charge is generally ten percent of the bidder’s tender worth.

A composed guarantee from a 3rd social gathering guarantor (usually a bank or an insurance company) submitted to a principal (consumer or customer) by a specialist (prospective buyer) with a bid.

Under the Miller Act, which remains to be the requirement as we talk, all bidders are required to send proposal bonds on any kind of federal task. Numerous exclusive firms have copied this pattern to protect themselves from hazard throughout the quote process. Getting guaranty bond is essential if you desire your company to develop into competitive in the building and construction company In some areas, a surety bond is needed so you may get hold of licenses and authorizations. Most notably, almost all venture proprietors and also building contractors will need a bond from you prior to you’ll be able to bid on their tasks.

Bid Bond

Prep work of the tender files will certainly typically have actually begun over the last steps of the task preparation phase but to be time-efficient, finalisation usually occurs in the course of the prequalification duration. To grasp bid bonds for building and construction tasks, you first need to understand what guaranty bonds are. Simply put, surety bonds are a three get together contract in between a principal, an obligee, and also a surety. On this instance, the principal is the specialist, the obligee is the objective proprietor, as well as the surety is the bonding firm which backs the settlement.

You should regularly be sure that there’s a strong lawful agreement like a proposal bond authorized when you are working.

The Importance Of a Bid Bond

Essential fidelity bond underwriting consideration is the visibility and formality of within controls”. Each service provider is special and every building goal is completely different. Thus, it’s inconceivable to use simply objective demands in making sound specialist prequalification choices. A subjective option made by public servant is difficult for the federal government to safeguard if it is challenged by a discontented the personal surety trade is utilized due to the fact that the prequalifier of the service provider applicant, this disadvantage is eliminated for the federal government.

What You Need To Know Most Bond Brokers

What You Need To Know

Many bond brokers simply sell bonds, we create them. Your insurance policy person should have the ability to get you a quote bond in a day, your publications need to remain in order therefore they wish to see a great piece of justness in your online service for the efficiency bond to undergo, if not it may take as high as each week also two. Have a look at it as a mortgage software program.

The 3 primary bonds which may be bought on building and construction projects are proposal bonds, efficiency bonds and repayment bonds. Through the years, I have actually spoken to professionals and proprietors and, in lots of situations, there’s complication concerning what each bond covers. This short-term write-up will certainly try to explain the differences.

A Guide For You

You possibly can not be an efficient service provider without holding the proper bonds. Call us currently – to obtain one of the most economical, fastest quote bonds. Our knowledgeable labor force will certainly get you a bid bond fast so you can reach work.

Collaborate with a building CPA to guarantee your monetary declarations are properly prepared and introduced to get approved for bigger contracts.

When public contracts are adhered with efficiency and also price bonds, the workers, subcontractors and vendors are protected since the bonds guarantee they may earn money. If no efficiency and also price bonds are called for, the belows and also suppliers have no way of earning money if the professional defaults or goes bankrupt. Remember, if a professional bids on and also wins a number of public contracts with out performance and also cost bonding requirements and declares bankruptcy, every one of the subs as well as suppliers on each of these tasks will likely be left unsettled.

What Is The Distinction Between A Bid Bond, A Performance Bond And A Cost Bond?

Do your small company buddies call for securities your firm does not possess yet? Once you submit your application, the guaranty bond firm will do an extreme evaluation of your credit score rating and also financials to figure out a bond premium you should pay to get the quote bond. Normally, proposal bonds worth in between 5% and also 10% of the full bond amount required.

The simple motive is that you simply need one with the intent to get the job. But the higher query is why are extra home owners/builders needing a quote bond? The easy solution is risk. Offered the uncertainty of the industry, which includes long-time specialists shutting their doors, to districts filing personal bankruptcy (or simply slow-moving paying), has actually brought about the house owners being afraid that their service providers will possibly be not able to complete the task. So, they require a proposal bond.

When Referring To the Longetivity of a Bid Bond

Satisfying the unique desires of professionals as well as business. Nevertheless, there are firms out there that help remove any type of negative comments. You can also browse around for a great stop and desist letter and also send it to the offending website’s web designer. That is normally a cost effective as well as straightforward remedy to take away any kind of undesirable comment. One caveat: be really nice about this. Numerous firms have actually been raked over the coals within the Web once they have actually used heavy-handed approaches to eliminating bad information. Be very courteous and funny also. Keep in mind, a lot of the smart social media sites customers are younger and have different concepts about the world.

A Deeper Look At How Long It

A Deeper Look At How Long It takes to Get a Bid Bond

The Surety Bond Assistance Program supplies technological and also financial aid to assist specialists protected surety bonding. It is your pre-accredited bond limitations. Bond traces embody single and also mix limitations. The only restrict is the most significant bond you might obtain for one certain task. The accumulated limit is the general quantity of bonded deal with hand you possibly can contend once.

These 2 ranges of bonds interact and are usually inseparable. All federal and also state initiatives call for specialists to get a bid bond before they enter the quote and an efficiency as well as fee bond as quickly as they win the proposal. Numerous exclusive tasks, looking like company or residential building tasks, likewise require bid bonds to be posted.

An In Depth Look

A Bid Bond is generally required to verify to a job owner which you can abide by the bid contract and achieve the task as specified by the agreement. Issuing a bond to such a prospective buyer puts a huge possible concern on the surety, if they problem an efficiency and charge bond after that and there’s the opportunity of professional default. Consequently, guaranties only provide quote bonds to specialists they regard dependable as well as qualified.

These bonds are obtained from a guaranty bond firm. A guaranty company is a firm that places bonds with insurance policy firms on behalf of professionals like yourself. Most of them could be provided using an easy application yet larger bonds could need additional information concerning you and your company. This added data can personify company as well as individual monetary statements, work price breakdowns, and also different devices. These items assist a surety company to much better view your business and allow for bonding on larger jobs.

Any kind of organisation, enormous or little, ought to apply for a bond with a Surety Company or an agent that is certified to characterize the Surety Company. Business is then assessed as part of an underwriting course of that analyzes such organisation features as personality, capability as well as ability. The aim of underwriting is to assess the possibility that the specialist will effectively perform the contract.

Bid Bond

All GSA style as well as building having alternatives are advertised on Federal Enterprise Opportunities (” FedBizOpps”) at To obtain drawings and also specs for jobs, service providers need to be registered within the System for Award Management (SAM) system as well as in FedBizOpps, as illustrations and also specifications are frequently issued electronically there. It’s important to take a second and emphasize the significance of avoiding surety bond cases. Bond insurance claims can badly injure your condition as well as make it less feasible that you might obtain bound the list below time you need to bid on an endeavor. They will certainly also be fairly costly.

The secret of success in contracting is to obtain your bonding restriction up, the higher it is the bigger tasks you possibly can bid and also the extra rarefied the team is that you’re bidding against, the final policy is that you’re bond-ready for as much as 10 times your liquid properties, so when you have $one hundred,000 in money as well as shares you might obtain a task to bid $1 million cash jobs, no combination of tasks at any person time can exceed the venture.

All About It:

Tender or Bid bonds are undertakings provided by a financial institution in help of a contractor/supplier bidding for work agreement. The price of the bond could be dependant on the cost of the obstacle. Take a $2.5 M endeavor your possibly wanting within the range of $23,000.00 for the performance bond, your insurance company will need a downpayment like a set hundred dollars for the bid bond. Prior to you bid the project find out precisely what the cost as well as costs are so you can embody it in your proposal. Your incerance business will usually reimburse your cash for the proposal bond in case your not the winning prospective buyer.