Kansas City Lawyers

We work a lot with many lawyers around Kansas and Missouri.  In Kansas City, there are a lot of really good lawyers that know their specialized areas of the law.  So, we felt that we should show you some of them in this newest post, so that you can be assured that you are getting the best representation in town.

Probate Attorneys in Leawood

One of our favorite lawyers in town is Gary Eastman of the Eastman Law Firm.  We’ve worked with Gary for years and know that he really knows his stuff.  For several years, he stopped taking new referrals and only worked on large clients.  Lately, he has opened up his practice to smaller estate planning clients, which is allowing more of our clients to use his services.

They do both estate planning work, like Wills, Trusts and other types of estate planning law.  We also use them for all of our probate law needs, when we have a client that needs those type of services.

The Eastman Law Firm

4901 W. 136th Street, Ste. 240

Leawood, KS 662242

(913) 908-9113

Kansas City Business Attorneys

There are a lot of businesses in the Kansas and Missouri areas, especially start up businesses.  It’s hard to think of the middle of the country as a good start up hub, but that’s what it is.  So, when you need a good law firm to help you out with your business, go to the guys at the Business Law Group.  It’s comprised of a bunch of former big law firm attorneys and they really know their stuff.  What’s really good is that they aren’t very expensive when compared with the big law firms.  Small firm rates with big firm counsel – how can you beat that?

Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyers

Personal injury law can often be a difficult thing for many people to get their heads around.  So, instead of trying to look somebody up through the yellow pages (do those even exist any more?) go to the guys at KC Truck Accident Law.  They specialize in collisions involving commercial trucks.  Given the complexity that can arise with those types of accident (think lots of damages), the lawyers need to know more than the usual basics of personal injury accident law.


Finding the right attorney for your matter can be tricky.  One of the things that you should do is to make sure to look around and find the attorney that best meets your needs and is one that you can get along well with.  Remember, it is a long term relationship that you are building with your counsel and you should be willing to find the attorney that best meets your particular needs and personality.